True Scum

By: DeMaroon

So many times, I have affectionately referred to the University of Mississippi as scUM. I think it is fitting for the classless athletics operation they run in Oxford. I may have to retire that term and lend it to Brandon Spikes of the University of Florida, Urban Meyer, and SEC Commissioner Mike Slive if no one does anything about the Brandon Spikes eye-gouging incident. For a player that talented to resort to such a classless and base act is a testament to his individual character more specifically his lack of character. If neither the SEC or UF does anything about this act, they are just as responsible for his behavior. Some people say that it happens all the time in piles on football fields. I do not buy that. I sell that wholeheartedly. There is conclusive video evidence that shows Spike’s cowardice. Mike Slive and Urban Meyer, you are being watched.


Updated: 11/2/09 – 1:06 PM

So Florida suspends him for the first half of the Vanderbilt game. Weak. I am so glad you are sending a message that your elitist asses are above this kind of behavior.